$2000 and under Beirut
    Graphic Design - Web Design - Web Development - Web Hosting - Internet Marketing
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    $2000 - $5000 Dubai
      Miss massai CGI Graphic
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      $2000 and under Cairo
        The City of 1000 Minrates
        Find the differences :D
        Flying steps
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        $2000 - $5000 Kuwait City
          This is the homepage for a fully dynamic website that we created for MG motors using the latest in development techniques.
          This is one of the pages in the MG website that features a fully functional gallery.
          This is the Logo that we created for Buzz Burger.
          This is part of the packaging that we created for Buzz Burger.
          This is the logo that we created for DJ Araia.
          This is a CD cover that we created for DJ Araia.
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          $5000 - $10000 Beirut
            Season's Greetings from ThinkBig
            Animated Cards
            Mobile Applications
            ATL/BTL Campaigns
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            $2000 - $5000 Rabat
              A series of posters created as a part of my graduation project.
              Couple of posters I designed for events organized by the British Council Morocco.
              Booklet for interior designer: Nabila Halim.
              Various logos.
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              Over $20000 Doha
                Bespoke project for Swarovski Crystal Palace Series called "Crystal Rugs" presented at Salone Di Milano, IT and Moss Gallery, New York ...
                The Ultimate Art Furniture at Moss Gallery, NYC
                Venus and Mars Furniture
                Goth Flatware for GS (CA)
                Mobile Pretzel Cart for Sigmund Pretzels at Metropolitan Museum, NYC
                TImeless Exhibition, Wright Gallery, Chicago
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                $5000 - $10000 Beirut
                  al quthmy project
                  diploma project | music complex
                  la quête | jacques brel
                  jewelry | graduation project
                  art gallery
                  georges aad residence - bikfaya | kitchen
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