$2000 - $5000 Beirut
    Identity lifting and brand creation
    Identity creation
    Event identity creation
    Brand creation
    Identity creation
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    $10000 - $20000 Beirut
      Promotion for the upcoming web series "Tiko".watch it: http://www.caustik.tv/work/tiko_pilot_01
      Self promotion for the launch of Caustik's mobile website.watch it: http://www.caustik.tv/work/caustik_mobile_01
      Tribute to Pierre Magnol's Nano Design piece.watch it: http://www.caustik.tv/work/caustik_promo_01
      Kolorama: 3D projection mapping for the UFA competition held in Downtown beirut in Dec 2010.watch it: http://www.caustik.tv/work/kolora...
      Mirinda berry: Limited edition can during Ramadanwatch it: http://www.caustik.tv/work/mirinda_berry_01
      Abaad's first TVC campaigning against the violence against women.watch it: http://www.caustik.tv/work/abaad_01
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      $2000 - $5000 Beirut
        A personal project experimenting with Free-hand Arabic Calligraphy, to portray Albert Camus' quote in a typographic poster.
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        $2000 - $5000 Kuwait City
          This is the homepage for a fully dynamic website that we created for MG motors using the latest in development techniques.
          This is one of the pages in the MG website that features a fully functional gallery.
          This is the Logo that we created for Buzz Burger.
          This is part of the packaging that we created for Buzz Burger.
          This is the logo that we created for DJ Araia.
          This is a CD cover that we created for DJ Araia.
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          $2000 - $5000 Dubai
            Poster and package design created for Galaxy to create a presence during the breast cancer month of October.
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            $2000 - $5000 Beirut
            $2000 and under Cairo
              YOU CAN CANON
              The City of 1000 Minrates
              Find the differences :D
              Flying steps
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              $5000 - $10000 Beirut
                Decocrete Web Site Design and Development HTML5. www.decocrete-me.com
                This is the Web Site of SAK Media Group. Fully Animated in HTML5 http://www.sakmgroup.com
                CCC Aurora- Web Design and Development. Fully Animated in HTML 5. http://www.auroraccc.org
                Saudia Private Aviation Web Site development.http://www.saudiaspa.com
                Full Development and Animation Designs http://www.justfalafel.com
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