$2000 and under Muscat
    logo creative art gallery
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    $2000 - $5000 Beirut
      A personal magazine project that contains things that interest and inspire. Please contact me for more details.
      A sticker project for climate change awareness in Gothenburg Sweden.
      A colection of various marks
      Poster designs for the Beirut Groove Collective.
      Track tarp design competition for Freitag bags in Zurich, Switzerland.
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      $10000 - $20000 Beirut
        Animation Snap Shot of Foster and Partner's 3Beirut
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        $10000 - $20000 Beirut
        $2000 and under Cairo
        $2000 - $5000 Kuwait City
          Brand Identity for a Film Director & Photographer
          One of the designs made for Loyac's Summer Program 2012
          Brand Identity
          K'S PATH Ticket for the Gala Under the Sea
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          $2000 and under Beirut
            My comic blog-turned-book 'Amalgam'.
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            $2000 - $5000 Kuwait City
              This is the homepage for a fully dynamic website that we created for MG motors using the latest in development techniques.
              This is one of the pages in the MG website that features a fully functional gallery.
              This is the Logo that we created for Buzz Burger.
              This is part of the packaging that we created for Buzz Burger.
              This is the logo that we created for DJ Araia.
              This is a CD cover that we created for DJ Araia.
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