$2000 and under Beirut
    January's Artwork
    April's Artwork
    Interactive Magazine
    Poster for a series of parties in Beirut
    Map of Milan )Scuola Politecnica di Design)
    December's Artwork
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    $2000 - $5000 Beirut
      Lazydog - Personal Identity
      CANVAS - Typographic Logo Design
      TheLCC - Think Tank Branding
      Julia's - Fresh Food Branding
      New Year's Poster -&- 3rd Annual Beer Festival
      Safety is in the Mind
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      $2000 - $5000 Beirut
        Identity lifting and brand creation
        Identity creation
        Event identity creation
        Brand creation
        Identity creation
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        $2000 - $5000 Beirut
          xmas card for Vladimir Djurovic Landscape Architecture
          sugar n' lace is a cupcakery in tabaris
          design for treeshirt.me
          wok it is an asian fast food in bliss street
          This is a winner postcard for the Beirut Animated 2 festival organized by Metropolis
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          $5000 - $10000 Beirut
            Part of Bonjus Ice cream options for re-branding
            The Konstrukt was Commissioned MC Saatchi to produce murals for Mograbi's campaign Tempo – part of a series of 4
            Publication design for PUSH Magazine; the first Business and Empowerment magazine for women in the middle east
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            $2000 - $5000 Beirut
              Arabic typography tshirt design.
              Branding Cafe Hamra. Done whilst working for WonderEight.
              Branding for a lighting company.
              Brochure for USEK's marketing forum on fashion.
              Full rebranding of Bob's Easy Diner. Done whilst working for WonderEight.
              Personal project, experimenting with lettering.
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              $2000 - $5000 Beirut
                A personal magazine project that contains things that interest and inspire. Please contact me for more details.
                A sticker project for climate change awareness in Gothenburg Sweden.
                A colection of various marks
                Poster designs for the Beirut Groove Collective.
                Track tarp design competition for Freitag bags in Zurich, Switzerland.
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                $2000 - $5000 Beirut
                  "Decks On the Beach" posters/postcards - logotype and visual identity
                  "Khtt Foundation" - commissioned, exhibited & sold artwork (poster/koufi vinyl stickers)
                  "Bokja" - logotype and passport
                  "Carwan" Gallery - logotype and visual identity
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