$2000 and under Beirut
$2000 and under Beirut
    January's Artwork
    April's Artwork
    Interactive Magazine
    Poster for a series of parties in Beirut
    Map of Milan )Scuola Politecnica di Design)
    December's Artwork
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    $2000 and under Beirut
      Graphic Design - Web Design - Web Development - Web Hosting - Internet Marketing
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      $2000 - $5000 Beirut
        maajoun's submission to GrAphorisms - project initiated by SHS Publishing / http://www.shspublishing.com/#304712/GrAphorisms (Sep. 2011...
        Shimal travel guide for North Amsterdam - project initiated by the Mediamatic foundation / in collaboration with Engy Aly and Lynn Amha...
        thisisegg.com website design - in collaboration with Egg copywriters and Salim Hbeiliny (Aug. 2011).
        Visual identity for kashida e-learning services (Oct. 2011).
        Poster advocating the reopening of Horch Beirut - project initiated by Nahnoo (Feb. 2011).
        A selection of type and lettering samples (Nov. 2011).
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        $5000 - $10000 Dubai
          Title sequence for an entertainment Talent show for Dubai Television. Design, Concept & Art Direction: Nisreen Lababidi Moghraby vi...
          Title sequence for a celebrity show on Dubai Television. Hosted by Diala Makki. Design, Art Direction & Animation: Nisreen Lababid...
          Title sequence for an entertainment show for dubai television. Hosted by Maysa Maghribi. Design & Art Direction: Nisreen Lababidi Mogh...
          Creative Direction for DTV Ramadan Idents
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          $2000 and under Beirut
            Redesign and development of www.rft.ae
            Redesign of www.right-of-light.co.uk for desktop and mobile
            Redesign of Azadea intranet
            Website design for Motor Motor desktop and mobile verions
            Design for the website and mobile apps of the magazine "Wardy" - the first online magazine about breast cancer in the Middle East
            Website deisgn for LebMASH (Lebanese Medical Assocation for Sexual Health)
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            $2000 and under Cairo
              Home Page for a jewelry website
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