$5000 - $10000 Beirut
    al quthmy project
    diploma project | music complex
    la quête | jacques brel
    jewelry | graduation project
    art gallery
    georges aad residence - bikfaya | kitchen
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    $2000 - $5000 Beirut
      A personal project experimenting with Free-hand Arabic Calligraphy, to portray Albert Camus' quote in a typographic poster.
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      $2000 - $5000 Beirut
        A personal magazine project that contains things that interest and inspire. Please contact me for more details.
        A sticker project for climate change awareness in Gothenburg Sweden.
        A colection of various marks
        Poster designs for the Beirut Groove Collective.
        Track tarp design competition for Freitag bags in Zurich, Switzerland.
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        $2000 and under Kuwait City
          nursery logo
          CMYK illustration
          Kuwait Calligraphy, Japanese style
          Life in a Bottle
          One of my artworks, featured one is called "The Others" having an alternative reality where humans are considered animals.
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          $10000 - $20000 Beirut
            Animation Snap Shot of Foster and Partner's 3Beirut
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            $2000 - $5000 Beirut
              "Decks On the Beach" posters/postcards - logotype and visual identity
              "Khtt Foundation" - commissioned, exhibited & sold artwork (poster/koufi vinyl stickers)
              "Bokja" - logotype and passport
              "Carwan" Gallery - logotype and visual identity
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              $2000 - $5000 Beirut
                "Elle seule", Mixed media on canvas, 80cm x 120cm inspired by the poem Le Fou d'Elsa by Aragon. for people who dont have a mirror...
                "Marguerite" Part of a ink on board "The Shift" series, 1m x 1.5m
                "She got dolled up for me" Part of a ink on board "The Sift" series, 66m x 1m
                "Magic Talking Diary" Part of a ink on board "The Sift" series, 66m x 1m
                Oil pastel on board, small formats
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