$2000 - $5000 Beirut
    Project . Industrial Park + Vegetable Market . Beirut River Area
    Warmth . Pastel on Cardboard
    Project . Weather Station . Faraya
    Autumn . Pastel on Cardboard
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    Over $20000 Doha
      Bespoke project for Swarovski Crystal Palace Series called "Crystal Rugs" presented at Salone Di Milano, IT and Moss Gallery, New York ...
      The Ultimate Art Furniture at Moss Gallery, NYC
      Venus and Mars Furniture
      Goth Flatware for GS (CA)
      Mobile Pretzel Cart for Sigmund Pretzels at Metropolitan Museum, NYC
      TImeless Exhibition, Wright Gallery, Chicago
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      $10000 - $20000 Beirut
        Animation Snap Shot of Foster and Partner's 3Beirut
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        • Labij
        • $10000 - $20000
        • Kuwait City
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