Privacy and Refund Policy

DesignHub , ABN 93140829602 ("DesignHub") respects and is committed to protecting the privacy of our customers and other people who we deal with in our business. We are bound by the National Privacy Principles in the Privacy Act 1988. The Privacy information contained in the following web pages outlines how and when personal information is typically collected, stored and distributed by DesignHub and how we provide for verification and correction.
Variations to the Privacy Policy
DesignHub may update this Privacy Policy from time to time. The current version is accessible through this website or can be obtained by contacting us.
What Information is required and Why?
If you are a DesignHub member we will have personal information about you for the primary purpose of supplying you with DesignHub services. This will include your name, addresses and phone numbers. We have secure systems to keep this information. We collect certain information to help identify you and ensure security. We may obtain banking, email or other details as part of making business with us easier for you. Without contact details we cannot provide services to you.
Usually you or a business partner will provide us with this information (by telephone, application form or web application) in order for us to service your needs in a way that is easiest and most convenient for you. Sometimes a DesignHub business partner, affiliate or other person might refer this information to us. If you or your representative contacts us seeking personal information regarding you as a member we will seek some verification of your identity based on the information we hold about you.
DesignHub is committed to keeping your information secure and confidential. We have technology and procedures to control and limit access to your information. Most customer information is stored in computer databases owned and operated by DesignHub which are subject to restricted access and other typical computer systems security arrangements. If you cease to be a customer your records will remain securely stored
Visiting Our Website
If you provide business information to us via our web site it will be treated with the same attention to your privacy as other forms of communication. DesignHub's web site provides systems for secure transmission across the Internet. Users should be aware that there are inherent risks transmitting information across the Internet.
If you visit DesignHub's web site a temporary "cookie" will be transferred to your computer. It exists only for the time your browser application (eg. Netscape or Internet Explorer) is running and ceases to exist when you quit the browser application.
Other Information Collection and Distribution
DesignHub may from time to time collect other contact information in the course of its business. This occurs in such circumstances as:

marketing contact lists - DesignHub may develop or acquire a marketing contact list such as through competitions or promotions where people give contact details
business contact information - contact details we collect and store regarding people we do business with; and
employment inquiries information - DesignHub may retain and share through the organisation personal information sent to it by people seeking employment.
DesignHub will comply with the National Privacy Principles in respect of this personal information including notifying people that we have collected information, the purpose of collection and how they can contact us about it.

DesignHub does not normally transfer personal information outside Australia. We seek to monitor contractors so that we are aware if they propose to transfer information outside the country. We cannot control the movement of information which by law we make public.

What do we do with the Information that you Provide?

DesignHub may if necessary disclose your personal information for reasons of law enforcement, regulatory, safety and public wellbeing. DesignHub seeks to resolve customer service and payment problems through a range of avenues including ombudsmen and issues resolution schemes, liaison with community and government agencies and communication through interpreting services or other representatives of customers. Where this might involve your personal information you will generally be aware of the involvement of these other parties.

DesignHub provides its service to you with the assistance of related companies, outside contractors, agents and suppliers. We may need to provide these parties with some of your personal information (typically, your name, address and contact details). DesignHub takes its obligation to protect your information seriously and we make every effort to deal only with ethical suppliers who share and demonstrate respect for your privacy. If we need to give a contractor access to personal information we will require that it be kept secure and be used for the appropriate purpose.

Parties who may, subject to confidentiality and strict control of use, have access to personal information include computer systems support, marketing and business advisers, auditors and individual contractors who assist in our business from time to time.

You may deal with businesses that are partners or affiliates of DesignHub, such as a computer store or online business i.e website. These businesses are independently owned and operated. If these businesses have access to any personal information from DesignHub, we require them to treat the information with confidentiality and to apply standards consistent with the National Privacy Principles.

DesignHub aims to provide our members with a full range of services to help meet their small business needs. We also may give our members opportunities to receive special offers on other goods and services. If you want your name and contact details removed from our communications contact list you should contact us by email at

Access to the information that you provide to us.

DesignHub is committed to keeping your information secure and confidential. We have technology and procedures to control and limit access to your information. Most customer information is stored in computer data bases owned and operated by DesignHub which are subject to restricted access and other typical computer systems security arrangements. If you cease to be a member your records will remain securely stored.

Key personal information concerning you such as your name, contact details and bank or other payment details are subject to your routine review with your DesignHub statement or other communication. If any information is incorrect you should advise us by calling the number on the relevant correspondence.

DesignHub is also committed to provide you with access to your personal information in accordance with the National Privacy Principles. Generally, we will be able to show you all the personal information we hold regarding you. In some circumstances there may be legal or commercial constraints to disclosing some information and, as anticipated in the National Privacy Principles, we may withhold information or subject its review to special processes.

To seek formal access to your personal information you should:

Contact the Privacy Officer at DesignHub

If your enquiry is detailed or covers a number of areas of our business we may ask you to give us some detailed information which will assist us to fully respond to your enquiry. For your protection you will be asked to provide information that helps us confirm your identity.

A basic enquiry about your customer details will be at no cost. However, where your enquiry involves a more extensive search of our records a fee may be charged.