Category: Graphic Designers
Typical Budget: $10000 - $20000
Located in: Beirut
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Caustik is a creative animation studio located in the heart of Beirut / Lebanon. Our core services include: . 3D animation . 2D / Cel / Toon animation . Motion Graphics / Motion Design / Broadcast Design . Visual Effects (VFX) for commercials and film . 3D Projection / 3D video mapping . Stereoscopic 3D output . DCP (Digital Cinema Package) output (Mono and Stereo)

Promotion for the upcoming web series "Tiko".watch it:
Self promotion for the launch of Caustik's mobile it:
Tribute to Pierre Magnol's Nano Design it:
Kolorama: 3D projection mapping for the UFA competition held in Downtown beirut in Dec it:
Mirinda berry: Limited edition can during Ramadanwatch it:
Abaad's first TVC campaigning against the violence against it:
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