Ghita Abi-Hanna

Category: N/A
Typical Budget: $2000 - $5000
Located in: Beirut

For a friend’s very intimate wedding in Sweden, the invitation had to reflect the personality of the couple: non-traditional, fun and slightly silly. From there came the concept of the flipbook toying with the idea of the “match”. An equally playful map accompanied the book.
Sowar Magazine is a journalistic and documentary photography magazine that focuses on the Middle East and North Africa. A bilingual direction was employed in the design of Sowar’s masthead to emphasize it’s MENA identity. A set of icons inspired by the ones usually encountered on cameras was created to identify the different sections in the magazine.
The visual language of the identity and layout of Sowar magazine sought to accent both the creative and technical aspects of this photographic discipline.
This is the identity design for my personal leather goods an jewelry brand. Simple, elegant yet recognizable. The catalog uses and ancient palm-leaf binding technique in order to allow its internal pages to be easily updated or modified.
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