Category: Graphic Designers
Typical Budget: $2000 - $5000
Located in: Beirut
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maajoun is a visual communication and type design studio that specializes in communication advice and multilingual type design.

maajoun's submission to GrAphorisms - project initiated by SHS Publishing / (Sep. 2011).
Shimal travel guide for North Amsterdam - project initiated by the Mediamatic foundation / in collaboration with Engy Aly and Lynn Amhaz (Sep. 2010). website design - in collaboration with Egg copywriters and Salim Hbeiliny (Aug. 2011).
Visual identity for kashida e-learning services (Oct. 2011).
Poster advocating the reopening of Horch Beirut - project initiated by Nahnoo (Feb. 2011).
A selection of type and lettering samples (Nov. 2011).
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