$2000 - $5000 Beirut
    For a friend’s very intimate wedding in Sweden, the invitation had to reflect the personality of the couple: non-traditional, fun and...
    Sowar Magazine is a journalistic and documentary photography magazine that focuses on the Middle East and North Africa. A bilingual dir...
    The visual language of the identity and layout of Sowar magazine sought to accent both the creative and technical aspects of this photo...
    This is the identity design for my personal leather goods an jewelry brand. Simple, elegant yet recognizable. The catalog uses and anci...
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    Over $20000 Amman
      AlKemista is a Fusion Bar bringing oriental flavours to the western cuisine
      Shaman: Lounge Nargeeleh bar. Our Wining factor here was the ribbon like bar embedding itself all over the place like a positive vibe
      The Ivy RestoLounge's key element is it's intensely manifested floral graphics and colour lighting combo
      Various Logos we designed
      Various CI's
      Magazine Articles
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      $2000 - $5000 Beirut
        Identity www.talamortada.com
        Animation https://vimeo.com/31440159
        Animation https://vimeo.com/talamortada/videos
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        $2000 - $5000 Beirut
          http://www.novawater.com - work done: Design - CSS - PHP - CMS
          http://www.woodenbakery-ksa.com - work done: Design - Flash - CMS
          http://www.sawtelmada.com - work done: Design - Flash - CMS
          http://www.eduserv.me - work done: Design - CSS - PHP - CMS
          http://www.donna7.com - work done: Design - Flash - CSS - PHP - CMS
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          $2000 - $5000 Kuwait City
            Brand Identity for a Film Director & Photographer
            One of the designs made for Loyac's Summer Program 2012
            Brand Identity
            K'S PATH Ticket for the Gala Under the Sea
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            $2000 and under Cairo
              YOU CAN CANON
              The City of 1000 Minrates
              Find the differences :D
              Flying steps
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              $2000 and under Cairo
              $2000 - $5000 Beirut
                "Elle seule", Mixed media on canvas, 80cm x 120cm inspired by the poem Le Fou d'Elsa by Aragon. for people who dont have a mirror...
                "Marguerite" Part of a ink on board "The Shift" series, 1m x 1.5m
                "She got dolled up for me" Part of a ink on board "The Sift" series, 66m x 1m
                "Magic Talking Diary" Part of a ink on board "The Sift" series, 66m x 1m
                Oil pastel on board, small formats
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